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Gantry cranes

BUTAN GRUP produces various constructive variants of gantry cranes, ranging from 1,6 tons to 300 tons, depending on the technological working condition and requirements of the Beneficiaries and potential Customers. Our specialists can offer the best variant in order to ensure the support for our Clients businesses.

Following the solutions provided by our own Design Department, the single-beam gantry cranes and double-beam gantry cranes have been produced, in various constructive variants, using at maximum the available space from the functioning location of the lifting installation. The innovative solutions offered ensure the minimum stresses and high stability of the infrastructure, runway and hall construction in which the lifting installation works.

By using various options and solutions for command, drive, signalling and automation, we ensure the optimum behaviour for the gantry crane translation. This is done by implementing modern drive and automation solutions by using frequency converters and programmable automatic devices, integrated in the device drive system. The gantry crane commands are done from the cabin, ground level command boxed and / or industrial radio remote controllers, thus ensuring the fluency necessary for the loading and unloading of the loads safely.


BUTAN GRUP produces various constructive variants for the following crane types:
Portal cranes, from 1,6 tons to 100 tons
ob cranes, from 0,5 tons to 20 tons.
We can supply advanced and flexible solutions for harbour cranes as well as for industrial and harbour facilities areas.


BUTAN GRUP can dimension and supply a large range of cable or chain hoists – electrically driven, for different applications.
Various work groups, depending on the work group required by the Beneficiary;
Flexibility in choosing the equipment and mounting options, depending on our Beneficiaries demands;


BUTAN GRUP can dimension and supply a large range of manual chain hoist, for various applications. They are used for the usual load manipulation, being very easy to mount.
Adequate equipment, depending on the application they have been dimensioned for;
Flexibility in choosing the mounting option as well as other equipment options, depending on our Beneficiaries demands;


BUTAN GRUP, together with its partners, both suppliers / distributors and producers of equipment and materials, offer its Customers exceptional quality products and ensure complete support during the installation or device work cycle. Thus we can produce or distribiute the following equipment that enter the fabrication cycle of the lifting installation or device :

Wheel blocks and gantry crane and crane traversing wheels;
Frequency converters;
Magnetization installations;
Electromagnets and permanent magnets of different constructive shapes;
Automation systems for lifting and transport installations;
Motors with included brakes and electrohydraulic brake;

Safety braking systems ;
Reducers of different types and sizes;
Industrial radio remote controllers;
Capsulated feed line and cable feed systems
Other equipment and spare parts for the installations produced by BUTAN GRUP.